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13 original songs including  "I Wonder Who", "It Never Hurts To Get Ready" and "Emmett Till".

  • Sweet young thing3:29

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Every once in a blues moon comes an artist that brings with him what people in the music industry call the entire package. Lil' Davy Max is just that as he is a composer, soulful vocalist and a balls to the wall harmonica player with "that sound". To round it out, Lil' Davy also plays a blazing guitar.  " Growing up in the mid west, I naturally fell in love with Chicago blues," Lil' Davy said. " I made it my business to know Muddy Waters when I was a young man. I miss him terribly and I'd like to keep the music alive  and hopefully inspire future generations to dig the blues".

 Lil' Davy Max  writes lyrics and music that he has lived and learned, sometimes the hard way. "Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouths and sometimes you just have to plumb the depths of your soul but then again one must celebrate the good times," said Lil' Davy. 

What might be most striking, however is the positive vibe and energy that flows from Lil' Davy's music. " At the end of the night, I go home feeling great," said Lil' Davy. " People were jumpin', dancin', carrying on and I was the cause of it all."

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Lil' Davy Max participated and won first place April 1, 2017 in the PARAMOUNT BLUES CHALLENGE on the 100th anniversary of Paramount Records and the 10th anniversary of the Paramount Blues Challenge which sends The Lil' Davy  Max Band to Memphis, Tennessee for The 34th International Blues Challenge on January 16th - 20th  2018.     Lil' Davy Max will be a very strong candidate for the Best Harmonica Player Award.

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​Lil' Davy Max nominated as Blues artist of the year.