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Lil' Davy Max plays vintage Chicago blues the way they should be played, steeped in the Windy City tradition replete with guitar, harp and piano melding as one in the ensemble style that was the feature of the town's blues in the 50s and 60s. He is also blessed with a tough blues voice that is ideally suited to his chosen genre.

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  • You got me walkin' on all three legs3:20

About Lil' Davy Max

Bruce Iglauer, President of Alligator Records say's, "He's quite a good player, with some nice harp and good guitar. There are some good, different textures here and plenty of energy. I'm impressed".

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Many times he stole out his second story bedroom window, jumped off the back door overhang, ran down the highway & hitchhiked 90 miles to Madison,WI. After all, where can a farm boy hear the likes of Muddy Waters, Magic Sam, Otis Rush or John Lee Hooker? Marsh Shapiro's "Nitty Gritty" offered such a venue. The only catch was that the boy couldn't go inside. He would stack some boxes and peek through a window, listening to the weeps and wails of the blues.

New Project In The Studio

Lil' Davy Max is recording his new CD. Often, songs are written from Davy's life experiences from profound joy to the depths of despair where he has touched the center of sorrow.

Dear friends, Lil' Davy Max has a Facebook page. All you have to do is "LIKE" it. You will find many videos of Lil' Davy Max on YouTube.

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  • Taking Chances2:24

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